Eslöv – Höör Genealogical and Folklore Association

Is a non-profit association located in the city of Eslöv, in southern Sweden.The association was founded on February 24, 1987, by a small group of enthusiastic amateur genealogists. The association operates in the municipalities of Eslöv and Höör, which are parts of the three districts Harjager, Frosta and Onsjö.

The main purpose of the association is to create:

a better contact and understanding between genealogists and folklore researchers

an interest in genealogy and folklore research among the local population

We use the Swedish language in our magazine, website and other publications. But we are happy to receive and answer e-mails in English. Our magazine, ”Trehäradsbygden” (The Three-District-Area), is published two times a year.


Maps (kartor)

Skånes kommuner” – Skåne’s municipalities (Skåne the most southern part of Sweden)

Trehäradsbygden” – The Three-District-Area  (Trehäradsbygden)

Skånes härader” – Skåne’s districts (härader)

Eslövs kommun” – The congregations in the municipality of Eslöv

Höörs kommun” – The congregations in the municipality of Höör

District is called ”härad” in Swedish and was a term for court areas used up to 1946. Be aware that the maps only apply to a specific time period, the different boundaries have varied greatly over time.


As a member, you get the opportunity to advertise for free in our member magazine and on our website under the heading “Efterlysning” (Wanted).(Please note that we reserve the right to assess and edit any text published through us).

Become a member of Eslöv – Höör genealogy and folklore association. The cost of a membership depends on which service you need, the lowest annual cost is 225 SEK. Please fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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